Phoenix Composition specializes in Arbortext's Advanced Print Publisher (3B2) software. We have experience in all aspects of this software, including: system design, template development, and training.

With Phoenix Composition, you will benefit from the experience of a team with over 15 years in the data conversion and composition industry. We are familiar with the complexities of large and small-scale projects and are dedicated to creating a personalized 3B2 solution that fulfills each client's needs.

We have worked on projects in a variety of industries for companies around the globe. Some of our customers: Arbortext, Opentext, The Government of Canada, Sigma Aldrich,

the State of Texas, and the IEEE computer society.
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Located in Ottawa, Canada, we are a young company with a vision for the future of documentation in the electronic age.


583 Eastavale Dr.
Ottawa, ON 
K1J 6Z4

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