At Phoenix Composition, we are committed to doing one thing, and doing it well. All of our services focus on Arbortext's Advanced Print Publisher (3B2) software.


3B2 System Design

  With years of experience using 3B2, we can assist you in designing your 3B2 solution. We can help you decide which version of 3B2 to use, how many licenses you need, and how to use 3B2's "black-box" technology to help you get the most out of your system.

3B2 System Development

  We can assist in all phases of your 3B2 solution development, including:
  • Customized template development
  • 3B2 installation & configuration
  • Installation & configuration of 3B2's "black-box".

3B2 Training

We are proud to offer three levels of 3B2 training, consisting of:
  • Introduction to 3B2
  • Intelligent 3B2
  • Automatic 3B2


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